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Hey there! I’m Caz and I’m passionate about helping women reconnect with their Womb space. Discover your own goddess-like power, creativity and wildness within!


Did you know that connecting to your Womb space can bring you into deeper connection with your authentic Self? Not to mention relief from a huge array of physical and emotional ailments?


Womb Massage Therapy

Womb Massage is a gentle, nurturing & deeply honouring abdominal massage that treats the whole woman. It is especially effective for clearing both physical and emotional congestion, leaving your abdomen feeling lighter and YOU feeling more free. My clients have named it the “Goddess Massage” –


. Release of ‘stuck’ emotion from sexual trauma, miscarriage, child birth trauma, post natal depression, anxiety, grief, coming to terms with menopause, adjusting to adolescence, feeling imbalanced or disconnected.

. Misaligned uterus (tilted, retroverted) uterine fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, menstruation discomfort, irregular cycles, heavy bleeding, C-section recovery, hysterectomy recovery.


Expressive Art Therapy

Expressive Art Therapy is an invitation to express from your Womb space, where our creativity is held. It gently helps to navigate life’s mysteries and challenges through image making & the sensations found in a woman’s body. It is especially effective when you are ready to move on from talk therapy. I have experienced and work with –


. Resolving the mother wound and maternal lineage, healing wounds with the masculine, re-connecting to your cycle & your body, coming to know the ‘parts of self’, anxiety, depression, trauma, overwhelm, panic attacks, feeling creatively blocked or disconnected.


“Having been fortunate enough to do several one on one sessions with Caz, I can say unreservedly she is a true healer, with a natural ability to get to the heart of one’s issues – both past and present – in a way that is always pure in intent, life affirming, and compassionate.
Caz’s ability to open people’s hearts and creative energy is remarkable.
Thank you for all the wonderful work you continue to do for others, in the name of healing the heart and allowing people to truly express themselves.  It is a freeing experience I can thoroughly recommend.”

“Following my coaching series with Caz I was able to adapt from my habitual controlled and conditioned way of being to existing more in my day to day with acceptance, awareness and commitment. I feel I can now convert my inner criticism into positive and realistic goals.

I notice that now I can remind myself to remain present and aware of my thoughts – to allow the positive thoughts to inspire my creativity and to recognise negative thoughts as only thoughts and not reality.

My time working with Caz has allowed me to separate my negative thoughts (criticisms) and to have the confidence to create a deeper connection to the community I wanted to feel part of. I was very much satisfied with Caz’s coaching ability. Thank you Caz!”


“I wholeheartedly recommend Caz and her talented coaching and art therapy ability, to take you on a unique journey within yourself.
Caz has a true gift for gently guiding you through many fabulous doorways. Holding space for you as you expand past the page into a deeper knowing of heart, soul and self.
I thoroughly recommend this self care for everyone.
I was also gifted a magical release of stagnant energy from my coccyx (epidural trauma) during a divine Abdominal Womb Massage with Caz. I will be eternally grateful for this… a must experience, for any body / mind that has experienced birth / birth trauma.
Love your light work Caz.”

“Caz has a beautiful way of gently and profoundly guiding her clients into another world, a world of deep insight and profound liberation. If you’re seeking a kind, safe & loving guide I’d highly recommend working with Caz.”

Jenna Ward, Founder: School of Embodied Arts

“Caz is a an extremely insightful coach who holds a warm, nurturing and expansive space for exploring your inner world.

Over the time she has coached me I was always provided a potent, deeply trusting and very safe place to truly come into contact with the hidden parts of myself that were shy and sometimes fearful – a rare quality in a coach.

Through working with Caz  I have been able to renew my relationship with all aspects of myself, which was especially delightful for this ‘heady’ woman who loves to over-think and prioritise brain over body.

Her process and approach is truly transformative, such a gift in a fickle world – thank you so very much Caz.”


“As a trainee Art Therapist I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from and co-facilitate Expressive Art Workshops with Caz, under her professional supervision.

She offers a rich sacred space for inquiry and transformation through her sharing of deep wisdom, authenticity and knowledge.

Caz works with so much heart and is authentic and grounded in her approach. I would recommend her offerings highly. Take the leap and see for yourself!”


“I recently participated in an expressive art series with Caz. Through guided meditations we produced art work using various materials supplied in the course.

I really enjoyed and benefited from the whole experience. It was amazing what I produced.  After completing the art piece, Caz then provided journal questions for us to explore further in class. 

The journal responses opened up my awareness to what I was thinking and helped align my choices and focus in my life.  It surprised me how powerful the process was!  Such a benefit to my wellbeing and a practice I continue at home.”


“I appreciate Caz’s wisdom, soothing calmness, clarity, non-judgement…… and her grace. She inspires confidence in me, to believe, that through my art I will be connecting to my inner voices.

Working with Caz helps me find sanctity in paused moments from crazy administration duties. She inspires me to go beyond when I am stuck in ego driven thoughts, to find more balance & connectedness in my life.

Through the music in her voice, to the way in which she conveys concepts of thought processing, I feel guided & supported. I feel an immense sense of trust in Caz. I feel light, unburdened, and a sense of my inner energies starting to flow.”


“I was quickly made to feel at home by Caz as she gently guided me through the process of this new environment in creative art with such patience and understanding. Her knowledge of the topic and its relationship to our journey was not only extremely interesting but also exceptionally thoughtful and nurturing.

I loved that Caz allowed me to explore a new medium and helped me understand this creative journey through meditation, story telling and relevant quotes.

I always finished a session feeling that I had not only learnt new things about myself but also felt a lovely balance of healthy reflection and healing purpose.”


“I recently participated in a one to one embodiment coaching session with Caz. I really enjoyed the journey and the unfolding and discovery that I experienced.

 Since the session I have noticed an increase in my awareness of the deep pain I’m still holding that I’m now ready to let go of. I understand the reasons why I’m still holding on and I now feel I’m ready to step into the process of letting go.

 Caz created a safe place where I felt held and free to let go. I would absolutely recommend her.


“In the embodiment coaching sessions with Caz, I firstly felt a hesitation around finding out what my body would reveal. I felt worried whether I would be able to truly feel and listen to my body and what would that bring up for me?

 Since the sessions I have been more conscious of allowing the expression of my feminine body and energy. I have also begun to trust my body’s intelligence more.

 I loved having the opportunity and space to drop in to a deeper state of consciousness where full awareness was on my bodily sensations.

I definitely recommend these sessions with Caz. As an Osteopath, I believe everyone could benefit from truly listening to their body as the body holds the answers.


“In Caz, I appreciate her genuine caring heart, her insight is always anchored in knowledge and deep understanding and she always, always, always listens without judgement. Caz provides a safe space for me to share everything that is on my mind and this is invaluable to me.

Caz inspires spontaneous creativity and deep self-reflection. Her encouragement of my expression always frees me from my negative self-talk and helps me get on with the pure act of creating. Reflecting on and sharing that process with her makes this an act of self-care that I value immensely.

I highly recommend Caz. She walks with a grace I don’t see in many people.



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