Did you know that us women are intrinsically aligned with the cycles of Nature?

Two easy ways to understand how we align are through the phases of the Moon and the four seasons.

Menstruation is considered our Winter; Pre-ovulation mirrors Spring; Ovulation is our Summer; and pre-menstruation is Autumn.

If you’re no longer menstruating, using the phases of our grandmother Moon will suit you perfectly: The Dark Moon > New Moon is the equivalent of your period. The Full Moon is the equivalent to ovulation. 

During our Winter (or New Moon phase), when we menstruate, we are designed to be slow, quiet and to turn inward – to assess what is no longer serving us… and discard it. How often do we actually get to do this though?

Going slow and turning inward has become almost impossible with our busy lifestyles.

Not only that, going inward asks of us that we become comfortable with the end of a phase – to be able to let go of it, accept the closing out of something… to be okay with death.

To do this we must be honest with ourselves in the phase before winter: Autumn – the phase for letting go and shedding.

If we carry forward emotional material from previous cycles, we will most often find ourselves in an uncomfortable pre-menstrual phase! It is marked with irritability, mood swings and hormonal fluctuations.

How conscious are you of your alignment to the cycles of Nature?

It is definitely not something that happens on its own anymore.

We live in a society that has fallen under the illusion of being separate to Nature – we have created environments that are completely removed from the outdoors.

Perhaps we collectively don’t even see the benefit of aligning with Nature anymore? 

However, I know from my own journey that when we do, we are aligning with our own intrinsic nature… we are Nature. So it feels better!

When we feel better, our health improves and our creativity flows.

The first sure step onto the path is to drop into your body on a regular basis and begin to feel what is really there.

We can then begin to decipher what sensations reside in our heart and what is present for us in our Womb space.

This all takes practice and regular devotion. Welcome: Intuitive Art Making!

 Intuitive art making is not just for “creative people”… it is a method of exploring your inner world and using imagery to express what you find.

It takes no artistic skill whatsoever (even though I firmly believe everyone has artistic skill!).

If you want to dive deeper into how syncing with Nature’s cycles helps our health improve and our creativity to flow, check out my course, its called Womb Dreaming.

Stay tuned if you like what you’ve just read, because I’ll be sharing more over the coming weeks!

Are you keen to learn how Nature can help you access your own inner wisdom?? Comment below and let me know!

Ladies, if you no longer have a physical womb, fear not – this course is written with you in mind! Its just as important for you to connect to the space where your Womb once resided… and your health will thank you for it.

 Are you post menopausal?? I’ve got you covered as well!

Have you tried being creative to feel better?!

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