‘Feeling’ indecisive?!

We women don’t do so well when we are always ‘in our heads’…

I was talking to a friend the other day about how, the more we think something over, the more confused we get. Or worse, we end up avoiding thinking about it all together. The more we think about it, the more tangled up it all gets!!

We women don’t do so well when we are always ‘in our heads’ – analysing and over-analysing. Ultimately this cycle of over-thinking and then avoidance just gets us analysis-paralysis. We end up with no decision and no direction.

Today I want to share exactly why ‘thinking it over’ doesn’t work for us ladies. And actually, why we really need to ‘feel it over’!

All that thinking occurs in our ‘front brain’ – the cerebrum. It’s the ‘brain of our conscious mind’ and it has masculine qualities like rationale, logic, and analysis. But, we’ve got it all around the wrong way. We’ve got to do something a little more ladylike first…

This is where feeling comes in… if we spend more time feeling how our body is first, we begin to activate our back brain, the cerebellum. This is the ‘brain of the mystical unconscious mind’. It is the seat of our feminine consciousness. It even has a name – ‘the Jade Pillow’ – how luscious is that!?!

Our Jade Pillow is the source of our intuition – our deep knowing and connection to a wisdom that is greater than us. It is the home of our feelings, creativity, sensuality and desires.

The cerebellum contains the knowing of our soul purpose.

The cerebrum implements this knowing into action.

When we do finally make a decision and it works out for us, there are two stages that occurred: Firstly, we got clear on our desire; and secondly, we took action to follow this. The truth is, if we want to access that true desire, the thing that feels the most aligned within us, we have to feel.

Feminine depth.

Masculine action.

If it’s uncomfortable to feel what is there, to be present with how we really are, chances are we are in need of re-developing a relationship with our body – learning to sit in the discomfort, feel all of it, release the tension and through this, reach flow. Once in flow, we are able to access those deep and true desires.

I am no stranger to the uncomfortable sensations. In the past, my body was an uncomfortable place to be and so I took up long-term residency in my head. I stayed out of my body where the discomfort was, and I used my rational, logical thinking mind instead.

It didn’t get me connected to my true desires and it didn’t get me onto my true path. With all the decades of poor health and unhappiness, however, it did lead me to practices that allowed me to feel. And one of those is ‘feminine embodiment’.

I studied this with Jenna Ward and formally learnt how to teach women to safely contact the sensations in their body, shift the tensions and access the deep wisdom and desires beneath. This method can be used to set embodied goals and confidently make the wisest decisions you have ever made.

And its FUN!! No heavy, digging up the past – just time hangin’ with your deep feminine Self.

If you would like to explore this more, with someone who has well and truly walked the ‘numbing-out-my-body’ path, I offer one to one sessions in feminine embodiment coaching – in person or online. The “Embodying the Creative Feminine” coaching package is coming soon! And there are plenty of offerings for my expressive art workshops on the beautiful Surf Coast, Australia. Do your lady a favour – get in touch! www.cazartsea.com

Have you tried being creative to feel better?!

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