Art by Michelle Flowers

Did you know that in ancient cultures, our ancestral sisters worshipped the Womb as a sacred organ?

It was simply accepted that the Womb was the dreaming organ, through which women would access wisdom directly… they were able to perceive information from their Womb space.

At night, a woman would ask her Womb to send her a dream to help answer a question or solve a problem.

Not only that, the entire tribe would await the women’s return from the time-out they took each month to bleed (the original Red Tent concept), as they returned with wisdom, answers and prophecies for the tribe.

Women were seen as sacred because they were the wisdom keepers.

But how did women access this wisdom exactly??

These days, we have been conditioned from birth to operate from our heads. Our society prioritises and honours thoughts, analysis, logic and taking action.

This way of existing makes up a set of energetic qualities that are classified as masculine. They are yang. We all have them within us.

As do, we all have a set of feminine energetic qualities within us. The yin ones – intuitive feeling and flowing, at times chaotic and unpredictable, with lots of depth!

Intuition is a knowing without knowing… the exact opposite to thinking!

It is therefore a completely foreign concept to suddenly start dropping into the depth of sensation in our body and taking action from the intuitive ‘feelings’ that arise.

Its completely foreign to suddenly trust that these intuitive feelings are perfect for us, even when they don’t make sense to our heads!

This is the feminine way. And we are collectively out of practice.

We are mostly uncomfortable with feelings. Having been taught to classify them as good or bad, we worship the good ones and push away the bad ones.

It’s much easier to live up in our heads, than to surrender to all the feels… and feel all of them!

I’ve been practicing feeling all the feels for some time now… firstly through art therapy training, my own art making practices that followed, moving into embodiment theory and most recently womb mysteries and massage training.

I’m happy to say that my health has dramatically improved over all of these years of practicing art making and feeling! No doubt, I am a dramatically different version of myself too.

I buy less into stress these days, feel more of my body and I don’t sink as far into the ‘bad’ days.

This is why I’ve written a Womb Exploration course using art making as the main tool for journeying.

I really want other women to know about the value of connecting to our body, our Womb space and our creativity!

If you like what you have read, it’s a sample from the course and I’ll be sharing more with you over the coming weeks.

Are you keen to feel more and learn how to access the wisdom held within your Womb space?? Comment below and let me know!

PS. Ladies, if you no longer have a physical womb, fear not – this course is written with you in mind! It’s just as important for you to connect to the space where your Womb once resided… and your health will thank you for it.

PPS. Are you post menopausal?? I’ve got you covered as well!

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