The ‘Inner Felt Sense’ is your body’s inner compass, your inner wisdom, deep knowing and intimate connection to a uniquely individual inner awareness. It is your exclusive point of contact to the stream of all Awareness. In my expressive art workshops or embodiment sessions, participants learn of, or deepen their relationship with their ‘Inner Felt Sense’, delighting in their newfound ability to convert this into visual imagery… an artwork! Or into movement or expression through the body. Imagine contacting this stream of Awareness at any time… and when you most need it??

Featured above, ‘the Eye of Horus’ is a piece that represents to me, the importance of trusting and referring to my body for guidance. After some exploration using the methods I teach in my workshops, I discovered it is the threshold to my womb… my very own source of Universal Wisdom. Universally, the ‘Eye of Horus’ was the female serpent goddess in ancient Egypt and the word root, ‘hor’, means ‘of the womb’. The cervix was often represented as an eye and was considered in ancient womb religion, to be the gateway between worlds. It is also widely known as the connection point to the heart.

Our subconscious stream of Awareness is rich with our own inner wisdom and universal symbols – archetypal images from the collective consciousness.This wisdom is contained in our bodies and in particular, our womb space (physical or energetic). Through creativity and feeling, we make space for this wisdom to arise and we gradually begin to learn the language of our unique Self. Expressive art and embodiment practices do just that… and are a devotion to Self.

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