About Me

My story

I’m Caz and once upon a time, I was not creating the life I dreamed of.

Instead my life was ruled by depression, anxiety, panic attacks and gynaecological problems.

As I searched for how to heal, I soon found my path of exploration led me to my Womb, in the form of creativity and womb massage – 

Creativity comes from our womb space… the womb (or the womb space if you no longer have one) is the dreaming organ and the place where our inner wisdom is stored.

We women can heal ourselves from our wombs out.

Having a daily regular creative practice, along with frequent womb massages is what connected me back to my core Self.

So many women say “it feels like coming back Home” & I can confidently say the same. Reclaim YOUR Feminine!

  How I Work

I take a person centred approach – this means I believe YOU are the expert of you… and I deeply honour that.

In a Womb Massage Therapy session, I massage your abdomen and sacral (lumbar) area on your back – only. This is *not an internal massage in any way. I will massage close to your pubic bone and I may need to access your coccyx (you can say no though). Only the parts I am massaging are exposed and the rest of your body is covered throughout the massage. 

This is a deeply respectful and nourishing massage for women. It leaves you feeling calm, grounded in your body and with a sense of knowing yourself. My client’s are calling it a “goddess massage”!

In an Expressive Art Therapy session, I primarily employ feminine embodiment principles and focusing oriented art therapy methodology. I include Gestalt, ‘parts of self’, the triune brain, yoga philosophy and womb wisdom. I scatter these influences throughout my predominantly coaching oriented practice.

practice my own methods – I walk the path too. I won’t ask you to walk somewhere I haven’t been myself! While your experience remains uniquely your own, I know and understand the path.

My quals & training

Adv. Dip. Womb & Fertility Massage Therapy. Academy of Holistic Massage

Cert. of Feminine Embodiment Coaching. School of Embodied Arts

Adv. Dip. Transpersonal Art Therapy. Phoenix Institute of Australia

Grad. Dip. Ed. (Secondary & Primary). University Of Melbourne

B. App. Sci (Human Movement). University of Ballarat

Trainings: Pelvic Wellness; Hatha Yoga Teacher Training; The Triune Brain & Expressive Therapies Continuum; Jungian SandPlay; Australian Bushflower Essences Intro 1&2; Life Nutrition & Diagnostic Keys to the Subconscious; Young Minds Depression & Anxiety; Suicide Awareness; Mental Health First Aid.

Registered member of the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists.


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