About Me

Hi there! I’m Caz and I love sharing a nourishing, therapeutic space with women.

I believe its time. Time for women to come together – to connect, share, express and nourish one another.

In this busy and stressed world, more than ever, women need opportunity to connect deeply with each other – and themselves.

When we create space, we open up to something new within – we can really feel into who we are – the truth of our essence – and live more fully from this place.

I’m passionate about creating this opportunity for women, to express from their powerful creative centre… the womb or pelvic bowl.

Being creative is not just making art – its expressing our truth – contacting our Creative Feminine – and dreaming our desires into reality!

Here’s a little of my story…

I used to live in chronic disconnection – never feeling into my body and completely unaware of the sensations there. 

I existed in my head, over-analysing and caught in an incredibly discomforting cycle of perfectionism and anxiety.

My awakening truly began with an intensive three year journey, delving deep as I studied Transpersonal Art Therapy. 

I learnt how to connect with my inner felt senses through the technique of ‘focusing oriented art therapy’.

Through my expressive art practice, I was gently guided from within, to women’s embodiment and womb wisdom.

Training in Feminine Embodiment Coaching allowed me to unravel the pockets of tension stored in my body and access the intrinsic flow and wisdom beneath.

Most importantly, I learnt to trust my body and especially, to lovingly accept whatever she holds… I learnt to lovingly accept myself.

I love to hold a beautifully safe space for women to explore their own inner world. I do this through individual coaching sessions in both embodiment and expressive art (available online or in person).

Additionally, I offer workshops from the beautifully inspiring Surf Coast in Victoria, Australia. 

I have witnessed so many women joyfully discover new depth of understanding about themselves and share their most tender inner world with one another.

I feel so deeply honoured and grateful, each time a woman shares this intimate journey with me. 

What arises from the body is always gentle and magical. There is deep intuition that dwells beneath the pain or tension…

Your body and inner Creative Feminine self is incredibly powerful and wise

– she will only ever show you what YOU are ready for!

xox Caz

Here’s my quals and training (in case you’re interested!)

Dip. of Hatha Yoga (current)

Cert. of Feminine Embodiment Coaching

Adv. Dip. Transpersonal Art Therapy

Grad. Dip. Ed. (Secondary & Primary)

B. App. Sci (Human Movement)

Trainings: Yoni Club (Pelvic Wellness); The Triune Brain & Expressive Therapies Continuum; Jungian SandPlay; Australian Bushflower Essences Intro 1&2; Homeopathy First Aid; Life Nutrition & Diagnostic Keys to the Subconscious; Young Minds Depression & Anxiety; Suicide Awareness; Mental Health First Aid.

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