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Womb Dreaming

INTAKE OPENS – 15th September, 2020.


This 12 week Womb exploration uses Intuitive Art Making to access our inner wisdom. Much like dreams, our art speaks to us through symbols & images.

Art is perfectly suited to Womb exploration, as our Womb holds the wisdom & is said to be the ‘dreaming organ’.

Ladies who no longer have a physical womb, listen up!

You can still participate in this exploration… there is still an energetic space for your Womb & this course will absolutely help you to re-connect with your ‘Womb space’.

Alternate fortnights connecting via Zoom one week & exploring your Wombscape through at-home art activities the other week.

*If you are on the Surf Coast in Victoria, Australia, you may like to package this course with luxurious womb massage! See here for more info. 


Intuitive Art Making

A 3 week course introducing you to 3 methods you can use at home to begin your very own journey into Intuitive Art Making… that’s art making with a difference.

This package includes 3 methods, each with information and guided meditation audios. 3 at home methods for Intuitive Art Making.

Learn more about your inner world, how your body truly feels and what your creations are telling you about yourself!

Click the button to find out more information about the course, its content and price.

10 Intuitive Art Making Tips

10 tips that wil bring Creative Flow into every area of your life! Enjoy… xox

Meditative Mandala

Have YOU tried being creative to feel better?! Try this calming Meditative Mandala at-home process, its FREE!

Its not about pleasing others… its about gifting yourself a moment to listen to your body and get out of your head.

Have you tried being creative to feel better?!

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