What I Do

& what I can offer YOU...

Its my mission to help women RE-discover their Creative Feminine… its time we connect with our creative centre and begin to express – wildly and freely!!

I’m not just talking about making an art piece – expression is SO much more than that… its truly living in our body for more time than we spend in our head.

I offer you a pathway to:

  • Feeling the sensations and aliveness in your creative centre – your pelvic bowl, womb space, sacral chakra… whatever name you choose.
  • Expressing what you find there – through art, journaling, movement and breath.
  • Connecting to your true self – using your voice to speak your desires, sing them aloud, send them out into the world to become your reality.

Your creative centre is the core of who you are. Connecting to this place, regularly, connects you to your personal and Universal wisdom. Your true essence is creativity… expression is fundamental to your well-being and how you reach your full potential.

“You are the creator of all experience… infinite possibilities, infinite ideas, infinite creativity” – Deepak Chopra

How I work


I take a person centred approach – this means I believe YOU are the expert of you… and I deeply honour that. I offer Expressive Art or Feminine Embodiment Coaching in the following formats:

  • Single sessions – in person or online in either modality. To discover what its like.
  • Bundle of 3 – in person or online in either modality. To journey a little longer… you are more likely to see results with this level of commitment.
  • Online course – the “Exploring the Creative Feminine” 8 week online course is *COMING SOON*
  • Coaching package – the “Embodying the Creative Feminine” 12 week coaching package is *COMING SOON*

I primarily employ feminine embodiment coaching principles and focusing oriented art therapy methodology. However I’m also a great lover of Gestalt, the ‘parts of self’, the triune brain, yoga philosophy and womb wisdom. I scatter these influences throughout my predominantly coaching oriented practice.

I practice my own methods – which means I have walked the path too. I won’t ask you to walk somewhere I haven’t walked myself! While your experience remains uniquely your own, I know and understand the path…

Read about each modality below…

Expressive Art

In an expressive art session, you get to create! But it might not be an actual image... you may simply explore the sensory qualities of the materials. You can choose a variety of mediums, like pastels, paints, textiles or sculpting materials - any will provide a pathway for your expression… creating art is giving voice to your deep, feminine, feeling self! ... and don't worry - no art experience is necessary!

Embodiment Coaching

True embodiment is the ability to tune into your own body and really feel. Most of us habitually live in our head, unknowingly ignoring the sensations in our body. In a feminine embodiment coaching session, I use gentle inquiry techniques that allow you to deeply contact your body while being safely guided. We explore current sensations, pockets of stored tension, future embodied goals & so much more.

The Creative Feminine

The Creative Feminine are my offerings to you: from single sessions to Online Courses and Coaching Packages. All designed to help you connect and give voice to your inner Creative Feminine.

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