If you are feeling listless, demotivated, numb and out of love with yourself (your body, your habits, your life), chances are, you haven’t checked in with yourself in a while. Expressive art and embodiment practices can help when we become perpetually trapped in our head, going through the motions and running on automatic as we try to keep up with the busy world out there.

Our modern lifestyle and all of the pressures and judgments we impose on ourselves, simply does not suit our female bodies. This way of life causes immense stress and imbalance to our delicate system. This is not a weakness! It is simply not our natural state.

Women are closely attuned to nature and a creative state of being. This attunement starts in our bodies. The longer we spend separated from our intrinsic nature, the more restless, fatigued and dissatisfied we become. A sure sign is that nagging feeling that there must be more.

I lived in this disembodied state for over ten years and the result was severe hormonal imbalance. The cost was firstly to myself and my health (I am still recovering) and more so to my relationships, especially building foundations with my (then) very young children. As I’ve journeyed through my layers within, I have finally discovered real and deep self-forgiveness and compassion.

All of the pain, illness and exhaustion were my body trying to tell me something. I continued to ignore the symptoms and felt such frustration and anger towards myself.

Cultivating deep, authentic and lasting self-compassion is KEY. Rebuilding a loving relationship with Self, starting with our body, not our mind is the fundamental ingredient. Why? Because our beautiful bodies (that we have been brainwashed into feeling ashamed of), hold all the wisdom we ever need. Our body holds the key to feeling again.

We must start by listening.

  • Create the space
  • Be creative
  • Move your body
  • Listen to Her

Release the tension, learn your own language, build upon how much pleasure you can feel again. Expand instead of contract.

I did this through a deep dive journey into Expressive Art and Embodiment practices and they have become a daily devotion to myself. It’s a lifestyle habit I now have and it happens because I feel great doing it… not because I ‘should’.

I am passionate about offering the same opportunities to you because these practices are empowering. They make YOU the goddess of your own life!

Want to know more?? Feel free to get in touch over at: https://cazartsea.com/contact-me/


  • a fun freebie… think ‘how to make a free-flowing creative mandala & access its wisdom’!!
  • a coaching package that will take you on a journey towards deep, radical and lasting self-love. Watch this space!

Have you tried being creative to feel better?!

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