Expressive Art

Art making is not about creating something so perfect it can be hung in an art gallery. Remember, its about expressing. Allowing your creative feminine within to have a voice. 

Therefore, my expressive art sessions do not require that you have amazing, gallery-worthy artistic skills! In fact, NO ARTISTIC SKILLS whatsoever is just as great to work with. The aim of expressive art is to explore your inner world and connect with your creative centre. This is where your centre of Self resides and is known as the sacral chakra, the womb space or the pelvic bowl. It is the seat of your creativity and expression. Expressive art sessions are a beautifully gentle process and are perfectly attuned to exactly what you are needing at the time.

Each therapeutic 2 hour session is structured as follows: 10 minutes to check in; a 10-20 minute meditation before entering art making OR a 10-40 minute embodiment exploration (similar to meditation) followed by art making. Art making time can vary from 30 – 60 minutes. This is followed by further exploration (guided by questioning about your experience) for 20 minutes and a wrap up process of approximately 15 minutes. We conclude with 5 minutes of summary and confirming the next session.

In person or onine. Single sessions or bundles of 3 sessions are available.

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