Embodiment Coaching

Today’s lifestyle demands mean we are all so busy and pressured, as a coping mechanism we numb out, we stop feeling anything and we exist only in our heads.

The body stores trauma as pockets of tension. In a feminine embodiment coaching session, I will hold a safe and deeply nourishing space for you to release these tensions, gently greet what is held within and truly hear the whispers of loving truth from your own body. Over time, you begin to learn to speak the language of your body and become more allowing of your different feeling states – all of them, even the ‘not so nice’ ones.

Your deep, feeling, feminine self is wild, unpredictable and un-contained. ALL of her is welcome in this space to be witnessed, seen, heard, felt and expressed.

An initial feminine embodiment coaching session is 1.5 hours, with subsequent sessions being 1 hour. In person or online. You may feel called to participate in the combined 2 hour expressive art and embodiment session outlined below.

Each therapeutic 2 hour session is structured as follows: 10 minutes to check in; a 10-20 minute meditation before entering art making OR a 10-40 minute embodiment exploration (similar to meditation) followed by art making. Art making time can vary from 30 – 60 minutes. This is followed by further exploration (guided by questioning about your experience) for 20 minutes and a wrap up process of approximately 15 minutes. We conclude with 5 minutes of summary and confirming the next session.

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