I help women who:

– feel disconnected from who they are,

– feel they are living life in a way they didnt dream of,

– feel they don’t have the strength, time or means to inject any joy back into their life.

They may:

– suffer anxiety, panic attacks or depression (that was me),

– feel they have no creativity inside of them,

– feel they just can’t help themselves and find the balance again.

I help those women:

– to regain control over their lives,

– to reconnect and fall in love with their creative self,

– to feel calm, connected to their core self and clear about the life they are leading.

When I was suffering daily panic attacks and permanent anxiety, I was rarely creative (yes me, an art therapist!!). I told myself that my creations weren’t good enough so why do it?

It wasn’t until I was desperate to feel better that I turned to creativity because it didn’t matter what it looked like anymore… I did it because it helped me feel better.

I felt I was finally out of my head. It gave me moments of stillness to hear what my body was telling me.

The panic attacks disappeared. The anxiety dissipated. I felt in control of my life.

You don’t have to be suffering just anxiety or panic attacks to work with me. Most issues can be explored through art.

Contact me to see how I can help.

Intro session

To intially explore the problem & discover what you need.

  • 2 hrs, $180

6 week package

A longer commitment brings greater results & allows us to really explore the underlying material. Sessions are 2 hours each.

  • 4 sessions over 6 weeks, $700

3 month package

Dive deep over a longer period of time & really get to the core of your being. Sessions are 2 hours each.

  • 6 sessions over 3 months (2 per month), $1000 with a complimentary 1 hour intro session

*Both packages include email support throughout the series.

How I coach…

I take a person centred approach – this means I believe YOU are the expert of you… and I deeply honour that.

I primarily employ feminine embodiment principles and focusing oriented art therapy methodology. I include Gestalt, ‘parts of self’, the triune brain, yoga philosophy and womb wisdom. I scatter these influences throughout my predominantly coaching oriented practice.

I practice my own methods – I walk the path too. I won’t ask you to walk somewhere I haven’t been myself! While your experience remains uniquely your own, I know and understand the path…

Being creative is an experience of being in your body and out of your head. What you create is not to please anyone else!

Have you tried being creative to feel better?!

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