Did you know there is an electrical channel that runs between our Womb space and our mouth? Our Womb space is the wisdom and truth keeper and our Voice is the speaker of truth.

It takes courage to speak our Truth and most often, there are many things standing in the way of us doing this.

One huge factor is our conditioning. Most women have been raised unconsciously to be the ‘good girl’… to make sure we say and do the ‘right things’… and if we don’t then we are deemed ‘not good enough’ and ‘not acceptable‘.

There is an incredible amount of shaming built into our psyche that is so easily activated when we step outside of the ‘good girl’ mold.

This is where the importance of deeply coming to know our Self comes in.

To know our Self sounds incredibly complicated and perhaps even unachievable… until we remember that to do this – to know our Self, we simply need to make contact with our feelings.

Our feelings dwell in our body and our body stores all the memories.

To access the wisdom that we need, to move forward, to overcome the wounds and to intuitively know what our Truth is (or the next step to take), we must commune with our Womb space… our great inner Mother.

Why?? Because our inner Mother (our internal guiding voice) knows all. She is a part of You and she knows what is best – YOU know what is best! 

You will always find the wisdom you need… its learning how to listen that is the challenge. 

Daily connection to your Womb space through mindfulness, meditation and art making is one sure path.

Once we are regularly communing with our Womb space (our creative centre), the channel to our mouth will eventually become activated and flow more freely. There we will find our Voice.

I’ve written a Womb Exploration course to guide you along this path and above is an example of what you will learn in the course. Enrolment for this intake closes June 30th – don’t miss out!

Are you keen to learn how to access the wisdom held within your Womb space and find your Voice?? Comment below and let me know!

Ladies, if you no longer have a physical womb, fear not – this course is written with you in mind also! Its just as important for you to connect to the space where your Womb once resided… and your health will thank you for it.

PPS. Are you post menopausal?? I’ve got you covered as well!

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