Did you know that a woman’s heart health is directly related to her Womb health?

There is a mysterious channel that runs between the heart and the womb space that has long been revered in traditional cultures. 

The heart is the residing place of the Spirit and is said to guide our actions and desires – but how many of us are making daily decisions based on our heart??

Too often we are acting from the thoughts in our heads.

We so often use the phrase “I should…” rather than “I desire…”. It has almost been conditioned out of us – to dare to speak of our desires or dreams.

Rather we carry out our duties according to the instructions in our heads.

When we can make more regular contact with out heart’s desires, heal the wounds and dissolve our defences, the channel that runs from our heart to our Womb space (known as the “Bao Mai” – the ‘Nourishing Stream’) can be kept open and flowing.

The heart actually regulates the opening of this channel for ovulation, conception, menstruation and birthing.

Hence it is clear to see that anything occurring in a women’s life that affects her heart and how she feels, directly impacts on her Womb and its healthy function. 

This is where Intuitive Art Making is the perfect remedy… it affords us the stillness and quiet time needed for introspection.

We are able to express difficult feelings and sensations through imagery, without the need to find words – each time releasing tension and trauma stored in our body.

Over time, this breaks down the protection we have placed around our heart and increases our awareness of our Womb space – where our wisdom is stored.

The wisdom can flow freely up the channel to our heart and we can then act on our heart’s desires, rather than remaining trapped in our heads and our pain!

I’ve written a Womb Exploration course that focuses on the Nourishing Stream and above is a tiny taster.

I’ll be launching this course in a few weeks! Are you keen to learn how to contact the true desires in your Heart and access the wisdom held within your Womb space??

Comment below and let me know!

Ladies, if you no longer have a physical womb, fear not – this course is written with you in mind also! Its just as important for you to connect to the space where your Womb once resided… and your health will thank you for it.

 Are you post menopausal?? I’ve got you covered as well!

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