Womb Massage Therapy

“Heal the Womb, Heal the Woman” 

– Clare Spink

Womb Massage is a beautifully gentle, nurturing & deeply honouring abdominal massage that treats the whole woman. Affectionately named by my client’s as the “Goddess Massage”, this unique therapy deeply re-awakens and re-connects women to their bodies and especially their wombs.

The womb space is the centre of creativity & sense of Self for a woman. It is designed to hold. Thus it holds & remembers emotional wounding. External abdominal womb massage helps women with – 

. release of emotion from sexual trauma, miscarriage, child birth trauma, post natal depression, anxiety, grief of never having children, transition (initiation) into menopause, adjusting to adolescence, feeling imbalanced or disconnected.

The womb space receives only a small percentage of blood flow and can fall easily out of alignment, which further reduces blood flow. The massage focuses on improving circulation to the abdominal organs, with an aim to improve blood, nerve and lymph flow. External abdominal womb massage helps women with – 

. misaligned uterus (tilted, retroverted) uterine fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, menstruation discomfort, irregular cycles, heavy bleeding, C-section recovery, hysterectomy recovery, digestive discomfort and complaints.

Symptoms that indicate a possible need for womb massage:

. discomfort with menstruation: migraine; heavy bleeding / flooding; dark blood at start & end of bleed; period or ovulation pain; lower back ache; changing stools…

. tired, weak legs with varicose veins; bloating; IBS; painful sex; irregular periods; painful scar tissue from surgery; problems conceiving; repetitive miscarriage…

. grief around childbirth experience / miscarriage / not having children / menopause, stuck in painful emotions from past events; feeling disconnected from sense of Self; mood swings; stress; overwhelm…


Email me for a complimentary 30 minute chat if you would like to discuss your needs first.

Initial Consultation

$165  AUD – 90 mins

Single Session

$130 AUD – 75 mins


Pack of 3 x 75 min follow up sessions + 3 x at-home meditations

$360 AUD

(Value: $115 per consult + $15 x 3 meditations)

Womb Dreaming Course (see more info here )

$350  AUD

12 weeks (valued at $30 / week)


Pack of 6 x 75 min follow up sessions + Womb Dreaming Course

$960 AUD

(Value: $110 per consult + $300: 12 weeks (valued at $25 / week))

Expressive Art Therapy

You are the creator of all experience… infinite possibilities, infinite ideas, infinite creativity” 

 – Deepak Chopra

 Expressive Art Therapy gently explores life’s challenges through image making and the sensations found in a woman’s body. We store our memories and trauma in our bodies and  simply talking through our worries is sometimes not enough.

 Using feminine embodiment practices (somatic therapy), imagery (image/art making) and the sensory experience of creatively expressing (connecting with our Womb space) helps us to access the memories stored in our body (often without having to talk about them), allowing our body to release what has been stuck.

Following this, we feel free of the heavy weight we have been carrying. I have experienced & moved through many of these symptoms in my personal journey.

I help women who:

– feel disconnected from who they are,

– feel they are living life in a way they didn’t dream of,

– feel they don’t have the strength, time or means to inject any joy back into their life.

– suffer anxiety, panic attacks or depression,

– feel they have no creativity inside of them,

– feel they just can’t help themselves and find the balance again,

– want to regain control over their lives,

– want to reconnect and fall in love with their creative Self,

– want to feel calm, connected to their core self and clear about the life they are leading.


Email me for a complimentary 30 minute chat if you would like to discuss your needs first.

Introductory Session

$180 AUD

2 hours

To initially explore what is getting your attention & discover what you need

* Includes follow up email

6 week package

4 sessions over 6 weeks, $700

2 hours per session

A longer commitment brings greater results & allows us to really explore the underlying source of your discomfort

* Includes email support during

3 month package

6 sessions over 3 months (2 per month), $1000 

2 hours per session

Dive deep over a longer period of time & really get to the core of your being

* Includes email support during

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